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For Agency Owners Doing it All

Why do 92% of new insurance agency owners fail within their first 2 years of business?

It’s not for a lack of hustle, drive, or dedication.

In fact, many agency owners work harder than they need to.

Spinning their wheels, exhausting their resources ..

Time, money, and personal energy to “make it work.”

They navigate products, contracts, and appointments on top of the whole “building a business” thing ..

.. leads, sales, servicing

.. wearing all the hats

.. having so much to do but at the same time not knowing where to start

When what they really need is a clear plan of action.

A plan to remove roadblocks, identify opportunities, avoid mistakes, and get traction.

Many of the agency owners we work with say something like ..

“I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

For agency owners looking for a community to lock arms with and a support system of industry experts that have “been there.”

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What Agency Owners are Saying

About being an exclusive member in The Closers Clique..

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As a brand new agency, Kathy didn't know where to start to increase her production ..

Now she has a clear roadmap, is generating leads online, and has more than doubled her monthly production from $20k to $50k+

Kathy Jones

Kathy Jones Insurance Agency

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Jimmy realized he was focusing on the wrong activities & losing money on lead vendors ..

Now his agency is profitable and he's not worried about wasting money on bad leads

Jimmy Choi

Choi Family Insurance Agency

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Tina didn't know how to market her agency using social media ..

Now she doesn't have to chase business, people are reaching out to her for quotes , and she's closing at 70-80%

Tina Tran

Tran Insurance Services, TWFG Insurance

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As a new life agent selling Final Expense, Ramon wasn't sure what to focus on to increase sales ..

Now he works "smarter not harder." He doubled his revenue while working fewer hours, so he could launch a second business

Ramon Garcia

Life Insurance & Final Expense

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Joe didn't have structure or processes in place to run a successful agency ..

within 60 days, Joe more than doubled his production and has the game plan to confidently scale his agency. He generates over 100 leads per month using social media

Joe Kampert

Redwood Agency Group

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Kelly went 4 months without making any sales .. Her leads and referrals dried up. She felt alone, depressed, worried, and scared ..

Now, she has more business than she knows what to do with and has a steady stream of warm leads reaching out to her

Kelly Spies

K.S. Pacific Insurance Agency

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Nancy was looking for a consistent lead flow of qualified leads ..

now, through using social media, Nancy generates qualified leads & referrals daily. Her agency's gross income has increased by 20%

Nancy Kuznieski

Nancy Kuznieski Insurance Agency

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Memo was struggling to find a good source of leads & increase production ..

Now, Memo has dialed-in his lead sources and doubled the agencies' numbers. Everyone on his team is growing and making more money

Guillermo (Memo) Bautista

Abelardo Ramirez-Meda: Allstate Insurance

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As a new Farmers Agency owner starting from scratch, Nereida wasn't sure where to begin with building her book of business ..

Now, her agency is #2 in her district for life insurance production and services over 900 customers. They have built a steady stream of referrals using social media

Nereida Ochoa-Jantz

Nereida Ochoa-Jantz Insurance Agency

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With adding new lines of Health & Medicare, Bruce wanted to put his best foot forward, eliminating as much failure as possible ..

Now, Bruce ha access to next-level mentorship with more and more opportunities. He's using social media to generate leads and work "smarter" with the right processes in place

Bruce Weinstein

Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions

Wins to Celebrate

Each week we “ring the bell” for members, celebrating their wins

(both big & small)

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